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Alternate Universes Collide Again is a story mission in South Park: The Fractured But Whole.

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The Human Kite 2 from an Alternate Universe is back. Help Human Kite destroy him once and for all.


Head right from Jimmy's House to Kyle's House. Once there, The Human Kite will again call upon you to defeat his cousin.

Defeat Alternate Human Kite

This time, the fight is in the backyard, and Alternate Universe Human Kite has blockaded himself behind some obstacles. Allies with charge abilities, like Captain Diabetes, are especially helpful here to get the fight done with quickly. Alternate Universe Human Kite's only offensive attack is an upgraded version of his Eye Laser beams that hits five squares in a cross shape; keep your allies spread out to reduce the damage they'll take on his turn.

Once you've defeated Alternate Universe Human Kite, he'll attempt to invoke the winds... which only succeeds in blowing his kite into a tree. Unfortunately, he has a backup plan: calling Aunt Sheila.

Defeat the Broflovskis

Once his backup joins the fray, Alternate Universe Human Kite will run to the opposite end of the field as Mrs. Broflovski stands in front of him. In order to triumph, both of them must be defeated; the original Human Kite will join the fray after his mother takes damage, this time siding against you, but he doesn't need to be beaten.

Alternate Universe Human Kite begins this phase with only 1 HP, but his first action will throw up a shield to give himself an extra 180 health. Despite this, you should focus on Aunt Sheila; if her nephew or her son is attacked before she falls, she'll flip out and gain a free turn after every hero makes their move (including both Human Kites), which should be six per round. If any of your characters fall, his turn will be removed from the sequence, effectively giving Sheila two consecutive turns (potentially up to four if both Human Kites have their turns after one another, and a maximum of six if you have only one survivor).

She has a basic melee attack and a charging move to hit multiple targets with knockbacks; as with her nephew, spacing your characters can help minimize the damage she inflicts per turn. On your turn, hit Sheila with whatever attacks you like; Human Kite might attempt to shield her, but a continuous barrage should overwhelm the shields. Once Sheila falls, return your attention to Alternate Universe Human Kite; even with his shield, he won't last long.

Return the Kite

After the fight, you will need to fetch Alternate Universe Human Kite's kite from the tree. This is when you'll learn a new Buddy Power, Fartkour. Whenever you see a pinwheel, you can now enter Inspection Mode and call upon The Human Kite to reach high-up places otherwise inaccessible.

Grab the kite, then return it to Alternate Universe Human Kite inside. Don't forget to take a selfie with him and Aunt Sheila afterward.

Now continue to your next mission: Microaggression Academy.


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