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The Allied Atheist Alliance, often shortened to simply AAA, is an organization founded in the mid-21st century in an alternate timeline.


The AAA was founded upon the belief that all atheists should use a name that is abbreviated to "AAA", which is, according to them, the most logical choice. Notably, the AAA is composed entirely of sea otters, who, in the intervening five centuries, have evolved to human cranial capacities.

The AAA met its end along with the UAL and the UAA, when Cartman inadvertently stopped Richard Dawkins from marrying Mrs. Garrison, erasing the timeline in which they existed.


The AAA consists mostly of sea otters outfitted with gear of widely varying technological levels.


South Park: Tenorman's Revenge[]

The leader of the Allied Atheist Alliance narrated the opening sequence to the video game, South Park: Tenorman's Revenge, in story book form, to a group of younger otters, in a dark room with a fireplace.


  • Despite claiming to be the most logical name among the three factions for its use of three As, the title is redundant, as the words 'Allied' and 'Alliance' mean the same thing.
  • Several otters can be seen carrying M41A Pulse Rifles, a fictional weapon originally featured in the film Aliens.
  • Several otters can also be seen wearing scouters, fictional devices from the manga and anime series Dragonball Z.
  • They originally had the word "Allegiance" in place of "Alliance" prior to Go God Go until it got changed for unknown reasons.

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