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Alinicia was a feat-performing turkey who appeared in the Season Four episode "Helen Keller! The Musical".


The 4th graders are rehearsing for their Thanksgiving play about Helen Keller. They want to put on a play as spectacular as possible, and decide to being in a turkey that can do tricks to fit with the Thanksgiving theme. Timmy brings in Gobbles, a disabled turkey, which the kids feel is useless to them. The animal trainer Lamond brings in Alinicia to replace Gobbles. Timmy refuses to leave Gobbles out of the play but Alinicia refuses to perform with another turkey. She gets very upset, throws a fit and refuses to come out of the dressing room. Cartman does not know what to do, so Lamond tells him to kill Gobbles in an "unfortunate accident". However Cartman accidentally gets Kenny killed instead.

Lamond tricks Timmy into letting Gobbles go into the wild by telling him that an animal shelter would take Gobbles away if he keeps it. After Alinicia performs some feats during the play, Timmy finds out that Lamond tricked him and rushes off to find Gobbles. When he returns, he gets his revenge by ordering Jimbo and his hunting buddies to shoot Alinicia. She is riddled with bullets and her blood spurts over a horrified Lamond. Cartman is horrified as Alinicia is just about to be up for the finale where she is to jump through a ring of fire. Instead, Gobbles takes her place, successfully stepping through the ring of fire on stage.


Alinicia was a turkey with brown, white, and tan feathers. She had a much larger chest than other turkeys that resembled large breasts. She had a red comb on her head, lidded eyes with long eyelashes, and yellow feet.


Alinicia took on the haughty demeanor of her trainer. She was proud of being in the spotlight and adamantly refused to perform with other turkeys.

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