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Alexandra Cartman, referred to as Cousin Alexandra, is a member of the Cartman family who first appears in "Merry Christmas Charlie Manson!". She is Elvin's sister and the daughter of Uncle Stinky and Lisa, as well as Eric and Fred's cousin and Liane's niece.


In "Merry Christmas Charlie Manson!", she is seen spending the holidays along with the rest of Cartman's extended family at her grandmother's house. She and the rest of the family are introduced to the boys by Liane after their arrival in Nebraska. Later, she and the rest of the family go to prison to sing a Merry Christmas song to Charles Manson. There would officially be a scene where she would roll her eyes after Kenny waved at her during the argument between Cartman and Uncle Stinky, which ended up being cut from the final episode.

She makes a small background appearance on the cover of South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.

In "Cartmanland", she attends her grandmother's funeral with the rest of the extended family and later discovers that Cartman has inherited a million dollars.


Alexandra has long brown hair with bangs and a few freckles on her nose. She wears red lipstick, black mascara, a white shirt with brown edges, and blue jeans. She is slightly taller than 4th graders. Unlike most of her family, Alexandra is not overweight.




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