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Alex Glick, voiced by himself, had won a contest that allowed him to be in South Park for a guest appearance in the Season Seven episode, "Red Man's Greed", for being the highest bidder at a charity auction to benefit AIDS research.[2]


Alex Glick has only been in one episode, making his appearance in the episode "Red Man's Greed".


Alex Glick wears a red hoodie with "ALEX" on it, as well as brown jeans. He has black wavy hair, large ears, and a noticeable chin which makes his head look different from most of the other characters.


Alex Glick rarely ever makes a large contribution to any situation out there. He usually appears in a conversation with the main characters and makes a motivational statement. He has also made a statement on how South Park is more than just a town at the end, taking the role to tell the 'moral' of the episode.



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