Alejandro is a Mexican child once held by ICE who was adopted by the White Family following the death of their son, Jason White, after being run over by a police car responding to an emergency.


Alejandro wears an old pale dark red shirt under a badly fitting old gray hoodie, dark blue pants with white stripes on the sides and black shoes. He has short black hair and a bit of a mess.


Alejandro first appeared in "Season Finale" as a child that Bob White could adopt. After they take Alejandro home to South Park, he refuses to accept his family. When the Whites protest the trail of Randy Marsh, Alejandro refuses to protest and put on sunscreen. After Bob White forcefully puts on sunscreen on Alejandro's face, he runs away and starts to destroy buildings and cars. Due to his sunscreen covered face, he is recognized by the public as "Mexican Joker". The South Park Police attempt to shoot him, but he runs off with a gunshot wound in his chest.

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