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Alec Vaughn is an expert on county resources and preparedness, who appears in the Season Twenty-Two episode "Nobody Got Cereal?".


Alec Vaughn is a guest speaker along with a "ghost" of Al Gore in a television program titled Should We Start to Worry?, hosted by Jim Kimble. The program begins with the host asking if they should start to worry with Satan's death (under the hands of ManBearPig), continuing the running gag questioning if people "should start to worry" with ManBearPig's presence. Vaughn agrees with the statement, explaining that if Satan (being one of the most powerful entities) can be "annihilated like a bitch", then they should not hesitate in "underestimating the importance of beginning to think about starting to worry." The real Al Gore then appears during the interview and begins arguing with his ghost self, to the surprise of Vaughn.


Alec Vaughn has pale brown hair with full mustache and beard. He wears a burgundy suit over a purple shirt with blue tie and black shoes.