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Alder Research Group is an organization seen in the Season Five episode, "Kenny Dies".


Alder Research Group is an organization dedicated to stem cell research. After a shipment of aborted fetuses from the Unplanned Parenthood Clinic were lost, due to a traffic accident, Eric Cartman collects them and attempts to sell them to various organizations.

Able to make a deal with Alder Research Group, Cartman goes to their laboratories, with the fetuses in tow, in order to complete the deal. Upon entering the building and talking to the receptionist, one of the researchers, Larry, announces that the government had enacted legislation banning stem cell research.

Knowing this, and learning about the potential uses for stem cells, Cartman sets out to get the legislation repealed, in an apparent attempt to save Kenny McCormick's life.

The building made another appearance in "Krazy Kripples", where Christoper Reeve regains his ability to walk after consuming fetuses.


The interior of Alder Research Group.


The Alder Research Group's main laboratory is a large white building with blue windows. The larger side of the building has two floors, with windows lining the perimeter. The entrance of the building has a curved wall, also lined with windows, which also serves as roof for the structure.


The interior of the building is large and open. The room consists of research equipment on the outer walls, and a large blue receptionist's desk in the center. The company's slogan, "Yesterday's Future is Today.", is also seen throughout the building.


The delivery truck for Alder Research Group.

Delivery of fetuses to Alder Research Group is seen to be made by trucks. Their vehicles are shown to be small, teal semi-trucks with the company's name and slogan decorating the sides. The first letter of each word of the company's name is in bold and in red, for emphasis.