Alamosa Maximum Security Juvenile Hall was featured in the Season Four episode, "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000". It is a juvenile detention center for serious crimes committed by minors.


At a sledding race with the girls, Eric Cartman threw a rock at Token Black, who openly provoked Cartman by calling him fat. The school faculty thought it was an innocent offense, however, Cartman was charged and convicted of a hate crime, with the only evidence against him was the fact that Token was black.

Cartman was sentenced by the court to stay in the Alamosa Maximum Security Juvenile Hall until he would turn 21 years old.

Reluctant to help him at first, fellow inmate Romper Stomper, eventually decided to aide Cartman in his escape. This proved to be futile, as the two boys were caught. However, Cartman was set free, due to the governor pardoning him. Cartman later returned to Alamosa to visit Romper Stomper and to give him Disneyland.


The Juvenile detention hall is a set up like an adult prison with individual cells and armed guards. It has a high fence with barbed wire surrounding the perimeter.


  • The Park County Juvenile Hall seen in "Toilet Paper" is a different building.
  • This juvenile detention is located in Alamosa County, Colorado.
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