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|job = Former vice president
|job = Former vice president
|religion = Baptist
|religion = Baptist
|voice = [[Matt Stone]]<ref>{{cite web|url=|title="South Park" The Red Badge of Gayness (TV episode 1999)|}}</ref><br>
|voice = [[Matt Stone]] ("[[The Red Badge of Gayness]]")<ref>{{cite web|url=|title="South Park" The Red Badge of Gayness (TV episode 1999)|}}</ref><br>
[[Trey Parker]]<ref>{{cite web|url=|title="South Park" ManBearPig (TV episode 2006)|}}</ref>
[[Trey Parker]] (since "[[ManBearPig]]")<ref>{{cite web|url=|title="South Park" ManBearPig (TV episode 2006)|}}</ref>
|appearance = "[[The Red Badge of Gayness]]"
|appearance = "[[The Red Badge of Gayness]]"
|last = ''[[South Park: The Stick of Truth]]''
|last = ''[[South Park: The Stick of Truth]]''

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Al Gore was the 45th Vice President of the United States under the Clinton administration from 1993 until 2001, and ran for president against George Bush in 2000. He's most notable within the series for trying to alert people of Manbearpig, though he also appears once during his vice presidency and later to sue the town.


Al Gore originally wore a generic black suit with a thin face and black hair. In Season 10, his new look includes a blueish gray shirt and brown tie. His hair is dark brown in reality. He later begins wearing a red cape.


Gore appears to be very delusional and deranged, which is shown most when he invents the fictional ManBearPig creature and puts the boys' lives in danger to maintain that fantasy. This might be due to an obsessive need for everyone to admire him as per Stan's description, "You just use ManBearPig to get attention for yourself because you're a loser!". This indicates that Gore has an extreme case of egocentricity as his attention-seeking idée fixe has poisoned his mind to the point that he undisputedly believes in the reality of ManBearPig.

Gore obviously made up ManBearPig and made it seem real (as far as he thought), so that the world would consider him a hero for "destroying" it, which is all he cares about. His mental creation manifested itself among the other evil characters of Imaginationland and he was willing to destroy Imaginationland along with all of its inhabitants to kill ManBearPig. Believing himself a super-hero of sorts, after donning his cape he began running around acting and talking like Superman.


The Boys

Stan forced the rest of the boys to help Al Gore search for ManBearPig. While the rest of the boys did not care how Al Gore felt, Stan pitied him, this led to Al Gore leading and then abandoning them in the Cave of the Winds and nearly killing them by causing a cave in and flooded the place, all in order to finally be rid of ManBearPig. Because of this, all four boys now dislike him. When he gave a speech for the boys at their "memorial" at the Cave, he didn't even known their names, and just referred to them as "Kid 1, Kid 2, Kid 3, and Kid 4".


  • Al Gore: "I'm super cereal!"
  • Al Gore: "No stupid, it's ManBearPig!"
  • Al Gore: "I'm off! Whooooshh."
  • Al Gore: "This looks like ManBearPig central."
  • Al Gore: "Excelsior!"
  • Al Gore: "ManBearPig, half man, half bear, half pig"


  • ManBearPig's "existence" in Imaginationland is entirely the fault of Al Gore by imagining him there.
  • In the episode "ManBearPig", Al Gore describes ManBearPig as "half man, half bear, half pig", which is mathematically impossible as a being cannot be composed of three halves, and must be thirds.
  • He often uses the phrase "I'm super-duper cereal", a parody of an incident while on Oprah where in response to a question about breakfast cereal, he said to Oprah, believing she meant TV serial.
  • Al Gore speaks with a strong effeminate accent.
  • In "The Red Badge of Gayness", he appears to have black hair but in "ManBearPig" he has brown hair.


  • "The Red Badge of Gayness" - First appearance; is seen in the White House for a few brief seconds, saying he's glad he doesn't have Clinton's job. He looks completely different than he does in the other episodes, and the only way to tell it's him is his voice and him being beside the president.
  • "ManBearPig" - Appears at South Park Elementary to raise awareness about ManBearPig, with Stan befriending him. He takes the boys to the Cave of the Winds, nearly killing them.
  • "Imaginationland, Episode III" - Angry over ManBearPig escaping in the previous episode, still believing him to be real. He later nukes Imaginationland, killing everyone temporarily.
  • "Britney's New Look"
  • "200" - No lines, but appears with other celebrities to sue the town and gain goo so they cannot be made fun of.
  • "201" - Same as above.
  • "Time To Get Cereal" - Coming soon

Video Games

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Al Gore appears behind a tree next to the Bijou Theater, where he asks Douchebag to put out ManBearPig trackers in various places. After that, he spams your page with status updates, he comes to the conclusion that Douchebag is ManBearPig himself and you must fight him to unfriend him. His first attack is using a slideshow presentation to make your character sleepy, and he summons bodyguards to protect him. After he's beaten, he starts terrorizing the church as ManBearPig. After you beat him, he'll just lay unconscious around the church. At the end of the game, after Douchebag leaves the scene, he reappears as ManBearPig hiding behind the tree.


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