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The Airsoft Armory Salesman is a worker for the South Park Airsoft Armory who appears in the Season Twenty-Five episode "Help, My Teenager Hates Me!".


Kyle pleads his father into buying some airsoft equipment at the Airsoft Armory store. There, Gerald asks if the items in store are legal, to which the salesman assures so, explaining how the weapons and other equipment work. The salesman also reveals that the sport would not be safe when teenagers are involved.

Gerald later returns to the store with Randy and Stuart and explains to the salesman that they want to defeat the teenagers, with the salesman having doubts about their "foolhardy plan", citing the equipment that the teenagers possess. Gerald then flashes out his credit card and asks for one of every item in store, much to the salesman's glee.


The salesman is significantly overweight. He wears the store's uniform which consists of a green cap bearing the word "AIRSOFT ARMORY" in stencil font, a blue collared shirt with the store's logo imprinted on the left chest, brown pants, and black shoes. He carries a silver watch on his left wrist.

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