The Airport Hilton is a hotel that has appeared in South Park several times.


The Sunset Room at the Airport Hilton hotel has been rented by Eric Cartman three times over the years beginning with the Ginger Pride rally. Cartman, believing he was a ginger, gathered up every red haired child in town and formed an army to murder every non-ginger child in the episode "Ginger Kids". When Cartman contracted the AIDS virus through a botched operation in "Tonsil Trouble", he held a fund raiser at the Airport Hilton. Even though nobody showed up at the event, Jimmy Buffett still sang for him. In "The Coon", Cartman tried to host the Coonicon 2009 convention for his vigilante crime fighter persona. Again, no one showed up to the event. Kindergarten teacher Ms Stevenson elopes with Ike Broflovski in "Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy" and is caught at the Hilton. She commits suicide by jumping of the hotel roof when she is cornered by the police. The Ginger kids now calling themselves The Ginger Separatist Movement use the Airport Hilton again in the controversial episode "200".


  • Paris Hilton is related to the founders of the Airport Hilton Hotel chain.

Pictures of the Airport Hilton


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