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Agent Tucker was a rival of the boys when they were playing detectives in the Season Seven episode, "Lil' Crime Stoppers".

The precise identity of "Agent" Tucker is unknown, but Craig Tucker is the most viable candidate. He and several friends dressed identically, using expensive toys apparently bought by their wealthy parents. Tucker would wait for South Park Crime Unit to become involved in a case before pulling "jurisdiction" on them and taking over their case, insisting the FBI had jurisdiction over them.


Agent Tucker has slicked down black hair. He wears a standard FBI uniform, consisting of a black suit, a white undershirt, a black tie, black pants, and sunglasses. He has a stern look on his face.


He seems to think that wealth makes him better than other kids, as evidenced by the statement he said to the boys in "Lil' Crime Stoppers". He also seems to enjoy making his rivals angry after taking over the boys' cases.


The boys[]

Agent Tucker attempts to take over every "case" the boys worked on, saying that he could because "You guys are playing Detective. We're playing FBI. That gives us jurisdiction over you!" This led to a conflict between them, causing anger on both sides.


  • In the Mandarin Chinese dub, Agent Tucker is first addressed as "Smith". As his team is taking over the boys' missing doll case, Kyle questions him if he is really "Smith" or "Ne-Yo". Both of these names references American singer Ne-Yo, with "Smith" being his real last name.


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