Afghan Kyle is a member of The Afghan Boys.


His first appearance is in "Osama bin Laden Has Farty Pants", He and the other Afghan boys received $1 from The Boys as part of a School-mandated fundraiser. As a sign of gratefulness, He and the other boys sent the boys a goat. However, the boys are unable to take care of the goat and attempted to send it back. The boys were mistakenly trapped in a plane's cargo hold and ended up in Afghanistan themselves, where they met the Afghan boys. He and the other boys dislike the boys, however, despite their hate for Americans, He and the other boys saved them when they were kidnapped by Osama Bin Laden.


He wears a light green agal, a dark green shirt, a purple scarf, and brown sandals. He also has dirt on his face and agal.


Since he’s the Afghan counterpart of Kyle Broflovski, he has a similar personality to him. He is moral and Stands for what is right, but is short-tempered.


  • Like Kyle, his cap is light green in color

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