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Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States who first appeared in the Season Nine episode, "Follow That Egg!".


Abraham Lincoln can be seen wearing a black top hat, a white, button-up undershirt, a black suit, gray pants, and a black bowtie. He has a gray beard and an overall "wrinkly" appearance. It was believed, but not yet medically proven, that he had Marfan Syndrome, which causes problems with posture, and as such contributed to an awkward personal appearance.


He appears to children in need of motivation, he appeared to Kyle in "The List", trying to convince him that being ugly is a good thing, and he then tries to motivate Kyle to work, and not burn down the school, hinting at a particular excess of compassion. With these facts, we can assume he is, morally, a good person. While originally maintaining this calm and compassionate demeanor, he was quick to call Kyle a "fucking asshole" when Kyle refused to listen to his advice. With these facts, we can assume Abraham Lincoln is a compassionate person but can have his limits for patience when people refuse to heed his lessons. However, it is also possible that this version of Lincoln is based on Kyle's personal view of him.


Kyle Broflovski[]

He was shown to care about Kyle's wellbeing in "The List", trying to convince him that being ugly was a good thing because he wouldn't be handed things, and therefore, would have to work, which would allow Kyle to excel in life. He uses the example of one of Jamal, the Ugly Kids, by taking Kyle to Jamal's residence. Abraham tells Kyle that Jamal is well aware that because he is an ugly kid, no one is going to stack the deck in his favor. Peeping inside the window, Kyle saw Jamal playing the piano, to which Abraham Lincoln pointed out that Jamal practices long and hard at this, which will one day likely pay off. Kyle continued to wallow in self-pity; Abraham got fed up with this (since his job was to teach a lesson and he did his job), called Kyle a "fucking asshole", and then drove off.


  • Abraham Lincoln: "Well then, you're just a fucking asshole!" from "The List"
  • Abraham Lincoln: "It was only when she reached age forty, and her looks started to fade, that she realized she was really about as interesting and special as a wet carrot." from "The List".


  • Throughout the series in the Cartman household, an image of Cartman and his mom in front of Mount Rushmore is seen. Lincoln is among the faces.
  • Lincoln was first referenced in "The Red Badge of Gayness", where Kyle dresses as Abraham Lincoln in order to put an end to the Civil War re-enactment.
  • In the episode, "Super Best Friends", David Blaine animated the Lincoln Memorial and ordered it to destroy the Super Best Friends. The statue was ultimately killed by a statue of John Wilkes Booth whom was based off of the same person that assassinated Lincoln in real life.
  • In "Wing", Cartman "receives" a fake phone call from Abraham Lincoln, completely unaware, to Kyle's annoyance, that Lincoln is dead.
  • List of references to Abraham Lincoln in foreign-language dubs:
    • In the second Italian dub of "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe", Mr. Garrison names Abraham Lincoln over Fredrick Douglass in his lesson on the founding of America.
    • In the German dub of "Sexual Harassment Panda", Mr. Garrison names Lincoln over Ulysses S. Grant in his question to the class.



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