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  • Kenny does not appear in this episode and Cartman only appears in one scene.
  • The airplane remotely destroyed by Ike Broflovski is a Bombardier Learjet 45.
  • Airplanes seen at the Washington D.C. Airport include the Boeing 757 and Boeing 777.
  • Notes on the production of this episode:
    • According to Trey Parker, this was the only version of the episode produced, as a McCain version proved "too daunting a task." The episode was completed the morning of the day it aired, with Comedy Central seeing only excerpts of the show beforehand.[1]
    • In an IGN interview, Matt Stone revealed that they at one point considered adding a scene spoofing The Dark Knight where the then-President George Bush takes the blame of the Hope Diamond being stolen as a way to 'fuck with people' due to the public's general dislike of Bush at the time.[2]
    • Trey Parker was set on producing this episode as a response to a joke on Family Guy in which Stewie was dressed in a Nazi uniform that sported a McCain-Palin button.
  • Obama claims his grandmother faked her death the day before. In real life, Obama's grandmother actually died the day before the election.
  • HBO Max mistitled this episode as "About Last Night?".

References to Popular Culture

  • This episode's name is a reference to About Last Night..., a 1986 romantic comedy.
  • Given the over the top nature of the opening, and Mr. Mackey's obvious accent, his "Game over, man" line is a nod to Pvt. Hudson's breakdown in Aliens.
  • "Celebration" by Kool & the Gang is featured as the residents debauche in the street (occasionally the lyrics "good times" are replaced with "Obama" by the residents).
  • The heist-like feel of this episode seems to be inspired by the Ocean's series of films.


  • In the episode, Obama says that the hope diamond is the 4th most valuable diamond in the world, but in actuality, it's the 3rd. At the time of production, however, it may've been the fourth most valuable.
  • Before entering the Oval Office, Obama is wearing a suit and tie. However, when he enters it, he isn't wearing a tie. Similarly, when exiting with Michelle he has a tie on and when he got to the limo he has no tie on.
  • As the Obama supporters come to gather near the Marshes house when Randy leaves, a woman in the background looks suspiciously like Mrs. Tenorman, who was killed, chopped into chili, and fed to her son according to Cartman's revenge plan.


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