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Aaron Hagen is a boy who appears in the Season Seventeen episode, "Informative Murder Porn".


In "Informative Murder Porn", Aaron's house becomes a crime scene as his father is found to have killed his mother with a knife. As the police investigate the scene, Aaron screams dreadfully as he sees his mother being wheeled out by the paramedics. When Harrison Yates notices this, the police cover Aaron with a purple blanket.

Sometime later, the kids of South Park had another meeting at the County Community Center. Cartman suggested that murder porn wasn't why Mr. Hagen murdered his wife. For all they know, Aaron's parents could've been doing drugs and cheating on each other for years. Whether this was true or not is unknown.


Aaron wears light blue pajama pants, a light blue and white pajama shirt with a blue soccer ball on it, and no shoes. He has wavy, brown hair.

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