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A Touch of Faith is a story mission in South Park: The Fractured But Whole.

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Father Maxi needs to speak to you about your alignment, and is waiting for you at the church.


To get to the Church from Raisins, head back through the alley way you came through and then keep heading left. Eventually, you'll find the Church all the way at the edge of town to the west. Once there, go ahead and activate the Fast Travel South Park Church marker to the left.

When you enter the church, Father Maxi will ask you about your alignment, and tell you to go into a room. Once inside, two priests will do some... questionable things, and you will have to fight them off.

Both priests have 100 health, each having one telegraphed ability which uses one turn to charge. One of them (Father Hansley) has a Hug Thy Father ability, which creates a danger zone of one-tile radius around him. The other (Father McManus) carries Mutual Flagellation, where he will try to move to the edge of the battle field and form a danger zone on one entire row.

Both priests will execute their attacks alternately. You should avoid the attacks by simply moving out of the danger zone, or using knockback abilities on Hansley, which will shift the danger zone as well. While one priest is preparing his attack, make your move on the other, but be sure to end your turn outside the danger zone.

Upon winning, you'll get a new Artifact. Father Maxi will open the door and chase the priests off the room, after which he will also provide you a macaroni picture, unlocking your first Summon: The All-Powerful Healer. Before moving on, loot the church. The storage room to the left requires a passcode, which you can find in Father Maxi's bible in the room to the right.

The passcode is Kneel-Before-Jesus. Inside the storage room, you'll find a new Artifact and a piece of Creek Yaoi Art. Don't forget to take a Selfie with Father Maxi while you're here. Now head to the school for The Talk.


  • The music played during combat is also used during the battle against the Gnome Warlock in South Park: The Stick of Truth.
  • While the battle is technically under very dim lighting conditions, the player will fight on normal brightness. This is apparent with a few lines from the priests, saying that they cannot locate the New Kid.
  • As Father Maxi drives the priests out of the room, one of the priests will quote the Queen Spider, which appeared in "Red Hot Catholic Love".

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