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This page contains trivia for "A Million Little Fibers". Remember, trivia must be factual, provable, and it is always best to cite your source for not-so-obvious trivia. If you would like to dispute a trivia point, please discuss it in the article comments.


  • This is one of the few episodes (the others being "Pip" and "Handicar") not to feature any of the main cast. This is the first time Stan has been absent for two consecutive episodes.
  • After the revelation that Steven McTowelie is in fact a towel, among the protesters is one guy with a sign that reads: "Viva Mexico homosexual".
  • This is the third episode centered only on one of the secondary characters, the others being "Pip" and "Butters' Very Own Episode".
  • Wrigley Field was shown in the background while Oprah was on her talk show.
  • HBO Max listed this episode as Episode 3, due to both Cartoon Wars Part I and Part II were removed from the listing.

References to Popular Culture

  • Various aspects of the book A Million Little Pieces and the controversy surrounding its author, James Frey, are referenced in the episode:.
    • The title of the episode as well as the cover for Towlie's book both parody the original book.
    • Oprah giving approval of the book and making it her book of the month selection references the attention the original book got after Oprah named it her book of the month selection and brought him on the show.
    • Oprah turning on Towlie and interrogating him in front of the audience references Oprah bringing Frey back to her show and questioning his claims as well as his publisher for not doing a thorough background check.
    • The company that publishes Towlie's book, Arbitrary House, is a reference to Random House, the real life company that published A Million Little Pieces.
  • The Chiporitos next to Towelie's typewriter are a reference to the real life brand Doritos.
  • When Towelie is at the publisher's, a poster that reads "Joy Luck Groove Back" can be seen. This is a reference to Amy Tan's bestseller The Joy Luck Club.
  • In the creator's commentary for this episode, the original concept for this episode was supposed to be a parody of the A&E documentary series Intervention, where the town tries to help Towlie with his addiction. Although 10 minutes were already animated, it was eventually scrapped and the concept was later repurposed for the Season Fourteen episode, "Crippled Summer".
  • In Towlies's room, there are posters for Thankful Dead and High Moments on his wall, referring to the rock band Grateful Dead and marijuana advocacy magazine High Times
  • The publishing company that Towlie visits, Porcupine Press, and its logo are a parody of Penguin Books.
  • Inside Geraldo Rivera's private office are images that references highlight of his career:
    • A poster for The Mystery of Al Capone's Vaults, a television special he hosted in 1986 that was considered a failure due to finding only dirt and some empty bottles.
    • An image of him standing inside a house with a portrait of Saddam Hussein in the background is a reference to his time as a war correspondent for FOX News after Hussein was captured in 2003.
    • An image of him with a bandage over his nose, referring to an incident on his talk show in 1988 where a fight between white supremacists and black activists broke out on the stage, causing Rivera, the entire audience and stagehands to get involved. Rivera ended up with a broken nose after a chair was thrown at him.


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