The 911 operator appears in the Season Ten episode "Make Love, Not Warcraft" as a Blizzard employee. She was later seen as a police dispatcher in the Season Twelve episode "Super Fun Time".


In "Make Love, Not Warcraft", she is seen working as a support line representative at Blizzard. She picks up Stan's call, who tells her that a player keeps on killing other people's characters in World of Warcraft. She tells him that the problem will be fixed and they will ban the player from the network.

She makes another appearance in "Super Fun Time" as a police dispatcher. After The 4th Grade has been taken hostage by The Burger King Bandits, Kyle calls 911 and she picks up his call. He informs her about the hostage situation in Pioneer Village. She asks him if it is not the place where employees won't break character? To which Kyle responds: "Sister, you don't know the half of it."

She most likely has a child as shown in a picture of a little girl on the wall in her cubicle.


She wears dark blues short sleeve shirt, a dispatcher badge, and a green single-ear headphone with a microphone.




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