The 911 Truth Webmaster appears in the Season Ten episode, "Mystery of the Urinal Deuce", and in the Season Twelve episode, "Britney's New Look". He is the webmaster of the website, In reality, he works for the government, to convince the gullible that 9/11 was caused by them.


He was contacted by Stan Marsh to prove that Kyle Broflovski was not responsible for 9/11. When they meet, he tells the boys that the government was really responsible for the attacks to gain support for attacking the Middle East. After he gives Kyle two jars of anthrax, the police show up and later take the three of them to the White House. There, they are led in to the Oval Office, where the webmaster is shot by George Bush.

His death was set up, as he appears in another city exiting a McDonald's, where he is found out by the boys. Panicking, he runs away, until they catch up to him in a blocked alleyway. He pleads for the boys to not kill him but is shot and killed by the father of the Hardly Boys.


He has messy, dark brown hair parted to the right and wears glasses on his aged-looking face. He tucks in his black shirt in his belted, dark green hiking pants.


The 911 Truth Webmaster appears to be somewhat of a liar, not catching up with Stan and Kyle to tell them that the government didn't really kill him and just going to McDonald's.


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