7-11 is a real chain store that was featured in the Season Sixteen episodes, "Faith Hilling" and "A Scause For Applause". A near identical store 'Kum & Go' appears in "A Nightmare on Face Time".


In "Faith Hilling", the boys are informed by Craig Tucker that their meme stunt at the Colorado Republican Debate appeared in the local newspaper. The boys visit 7-11 and find they are on the front page of the Denver Post. They discover that Newt Gingrich had ridiculed them by calling the act passé.


The Boys see themselves in the newspaper.

In "A Scause For Applause", Stan Marsh is recognized for standing his ground by refusing to get his 'What Would Jesus Do' bracelet cut off.

In "With Apologies to Jesse Jackson", a similar store, with a similar sales clerk, is seen. Randy Marsh walks into a store called 'Day Time 24 Night Time', and was refused service.


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