The 6th Grader with Green Shirt is a South Park Elementary student who first appeared in the Season Two episode, "Clubhouses" where he attends the party at Cartman's club house.


He made a most notable appearance on "Fourth Grade", where he, along with two other 6th graders, are seen bullying the boys in the school hallways. He says he's on the 5th grade in this episode.

He was seen along with the other 6th graders in "The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers" to pick up a porn tape that the boys were carrying.

His last notable appearance was in "Pre-School" where he and the other 6th graders promise to defend the boys from being attacked by Trent Boyett if they bring a photo of Stan's mother's breasts. The boys then bring the photo (which was actually a photo of Cartman's ass), the 6th Graders then try to fight Trent Boyett but end up failing.


His favorite hobbies are bullying the 4th graders and riding a bicycle, which he pretends to be a motorcycle. Like most other 6th graders, he doesn't seem to be very smart, as he thinks the photo the boys brought was really a photo of Sharon Marsh's boobs. He seems to have stopped being a bully in recent episodes, as he is seen talking to Craig and two other 4th graders in "Stunning and Brave".


Bartles and the 6th Grader with Black Hair and Blue Shirt

He was seen alongside these two 6th Graders in a few episodes. In the episode "Fourth Grade" the three are seen pushing the boys together and in the episode "About Last Night..." they are seen firing fireworks. The three are also seen at the end of the episode "Pre-School", but with the 6th Grader Leader together.


He is a short 6th grader with short light brown hair and thin eyebrows. He wears a bright lime green long-sleeved V-neck shirt, gray pants and black shoes.


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