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The Sixth Grader Leader, previously the 5th-grade leader, is the leader of the Sixth Graders. Although he is the most prominently featured Sixth Grader, his name has yet to be revealed.


He and his friends can be seen at "The Unaired Pilot" at the Playground, forcing Cartman to eat the hot tamales, when they are about to hit the boys, Cartman scares them by farting fire.

He made his first appearance in series on the episode "Clubhouses", where he participates in Cartman's party.

He had his first speaking role in the episode "Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery", where he and his friends scare the boys with ghost legends, making them want to take revenge. At the end of the episode, he and his friends are frightened by Kyle's grandmother's corpse.

His second speaking role was in the episode "The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers", where he gathers an entire group of sixth-grade students to steal a porn movie that the boys were carrying.

His third and final speaking role was in "Pre-School" where he and the other 6th Graders promise to defend the boys from being attacked by Trent Boyett if they bring a photo of Stan's mother's breasts. After the boys brought the picture to them (which was actually a picture of Cartman's ass), they try to fight Trent, but end up failing, resulting in several burns and wounds. At the hospital, he tells the boys he had told Trent that they asked for their help.

Despite becoming a background character in the current seasons, he still makes some notable appearances, as in the episode "Butterballs" where he participates in Stan's video.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

He is first seen at the beginning of the game talking to other 6th graders, after the conversation, he will do a weird dance while teasing the other 6th graders, he will keep doing it until the player befriends Super Craig and Human Kite.

He is no longer seen until "To Catch a Coon", where he appears as one of several enemies' representatives that The New Kid faced throughout the game that they want to take revenge, during the battle he reveals that he has a cousin, and a Raisins Girl also reveals that he also has a brother.

He later appears when the New Kid goes to the Genetic Engineering Ranch, where it is revealed that Dr. Mephesto was turning 6th graders into mutants. The 6th Grader Leader can be seen on the first floor, as an ape mutant trapped on a table, the player will then have the option to pay 25 cents for the machine to put extra butts on him, if the player does too much, the machine will only hit him.

It is not known whether he returned to his normal form and how he left Dr. Mephesto's laboratory.


He is a tall 6th grader with messy brown hair with large sideburns, pointed black eyebrows, and a broad, slightly bulbous nose. He is best known for having a photo of his own face in his green short-sleeved shirt. He also wears blue jeans and black shoes and has a red bicycle. In South Park: The Fractured But Whole, his appearance was slightly redesigned, but he still looks the same in later episodes. Moreover, he has the stereotypical characteristics of Asians seen in the series such as small eyes. In his old appearance, he wore a similar outfit, except that his shirt was lighter and his pants were brown. He made an appearance with these clothes in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.


His main interests include doing sweet wheelies on his bike, picking on younger students, and acquiring pictures of breasts and other pornographic material. He appears to never have actually seen a real pair of breasts since he appears unable to discern the difference between Cartman's ass and a pair of breasts in "Pre-School".


Sharon Marsh

He apparently finds Mrs. Marsh attractive, as in "Pre-School", he promised that his gang would defend the boys from Trent Boyett in exchange for a picture of her breasts.

Social Standing in General

He often assumes the position of leadership within the Sixth Grade. It is assumed he has a high status within the Sixth Grade social hierarchy. He appears to have a low opinion of Fourth Graders, whom he greatly enjoys tormenting.

6th Grader with Cyan Hat and 6th Grader with Brown Hat

The 6th Grader Leader is widely seen with these two unnamed 6th graders, especially in previous seasons. They were most often seen tormenting The Boys together.






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