See also: 1998 New Year's Countdown and 1999 New Year's Countdown

The 2000 New Year's Countdown is a short skit created for Comedy Central featuring the South Park characters counting down to the New Year.

Characters that were seen include Tweek Tweak, Butters Stotch, the Book Mobile Driver, Richard Adler, Midget Wearing a Bikini, Death, Charlie Manson, Saddam Hussein, an Underpants Gnome, Moses, Mr. Ose, Peetie the Sexual Harassment Panda, Clone Stan Marsh, Jakov, Kyle Broflovski, Stan Marsh, Kenny McCormick, and Eric Cartman. After the countdown, Cartman berates the viewers for "watching this crap" on New Year's Eve 1999.


  • This is the last New Year's countdown produced for Comedy Central. Two others were previously made for 1998 and 1999.
  • The Book Mobile Driver (AKA "the chicken-fucker) is seen doing the countdown depsite him being killed by a chicken.


[Countdown Begins]
Butters: Uhh, fourteen.
Book Mobile Driver: Thirteen.
Mr. Adler: Twelve.
Midget Wearing Bikini: Eleven!
Death: Mrrr.
Charlie Manson: Nine.
Saddam Hussein: Eight, guy!
Underpants Gnome: Seven!
Moses: Six.
Mr. Ose: Go.
Sexual Harassment Panda: Four.
Clone Stan: Teuh!
Jakov: Oh boy! Two!
The Boys: One!
Cartman: Wait, wait, wait a minute! [Cartman steps forward and speaks directly to the viewers as Stan, Kyle, and Kenny look on] It's New Year's Eve 1999; what the hell are you people doin' watching this crap?!
[End of 2000 New Year's Countdown.]
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