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"Ash Ketchum" is a television character portrayed as a Chinpokomon trainer in the Season Three episode "Chinpokomon".


"Ash" is first seen when Cartman watches the Chinpokomon anime, where he states that if he collects all the Chinpokomon, then an evil power will reveal itself. "Ash" is also seen in the Chinpokomon video game, saying a line almost identical to what he said in the anime, and then proceeding to encourage the player to bomb Pearl Harbor. Randy and Sharon decide to watch an episode of the anime, but could not make any sense of the plotline. There, "Ash" states that if the Chinpokomon Roo-stor finds diamond skill seven, it will transform into Roostalion, and befriends the Roo-stor, and another trainer appears out of seemingly nowhere and steals the Roo-stor, with "Ash" seemingly not caring. Later, he watches as Lambtron and Furrycat fight, and nonchalantly states how he became sad because his Lambtron might be lonely as there can be more in the world.


"Ash" is depicted in an anime art style, with spiky blond hair, large shiny eyes, and a lanky build. He wears a blue jacket with yellow parts on it, a red shirt beneath the jacket, white shoes, and green pants with a black belt with a gold buckle.