Персонаж South Park'а
Bridon Guermo
Брайдон Гуермо
Пол мужской
Цвет волос коричневый
Дата Рождения неизвестно
Возраст 8
Профессия школьник
Религия неизвестно
Озвучивает Трей Паркер
Первое Мюзикл Начальной Школы
Последнее 201

Брайдон Гуермо - персонаж мультсериала Южный Парк, появляется в серии Мюзикл Начальной Школы, вероятно в качестве пародии на Зака Эфрона.


Брайдон приобрел популярность благодаря своему таланту к пению и танцам, на протяжении диснеевской трилогии "Мюзикл Старшей Школы". Фактически, исходя из заявления Бебе Стивенс, Брайдон был показан в "Мюзикле Старшей Школы 3" больше чем 100 раз, что делает его очень популярным среди девочек, которые все в него влюбляются. Похоже, что мальчикам он нравится не меньше, несмотря на то, что он младше их. Как бы то ни было, то, чего он действительно хочет, так это играть в баскетбол, как он позже признаётся Стэну, которому не нравится эта мода мюзиклов, а также внимание, которое Венди уделяет Брайдону.

Despite being popular and talented, his family life is obviously an abusive one. He also has a crazed, effeminate, theater-obsessed папа, who forces him to sing and dance every moment of the day, even during normal conversations, and who is appalled by the thought of him playing basketball. Whenever Bridon attempt to talk to his dad about quitting musical theater, his father would threaten to slap him (in a horribly weak and feminine manner). His мама meanwhile did what she could to protect Bridon, but usually suffered the brunt of her husband's anger.

After Mr. Gueermo assaults not only the basketball coach, but also Мистер Мэки and two agents from Child Protective Services (sent by Stan), Bridon finally get to the point where he attempts to run away from home. However, his father attempts to stop him and proceeds to once again threaten Bridon with a slapping. Fed up with his father, Bridon stands up to him, by punching him in the nose. Never having suffered such violence before, Mr. Gueermo is confused and horrified as he clutches his bleeding nose, and rushes to his wife's side. She however, having never considered striking back against her husband, also finally stand up for herself too by punching Mr. Gueermo several additional times.

Bridon at last is free to join the basketball team, where he proves to be one of the star players. His parents apparently remain together despite the domestic violence, although his father is initially unhappy at being there. However, Mr. Gueermo soon discovers that he enjoys the cheering aspect of sports, possibly resulting in reconciliation for the family, as seen in 201, when the entire Gueermo family is seen huddled together, clutching one another on the roof of the Park County Community Center, during the rampage of Меха-Стрейсанд.

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